On Thu, Feb 02, 2006 at 10:54:27PM -0500, Jim Gallacher wrote:
> Graham Dumpleton wrote:
> >To confirm Jim's arithmetic anyway, I say -1 on 3.2.6 as it stands.
> >
> >As to 3.2.7, I say +1, subject to removal of problematic test case
> >as already raised and with us at least confirming tests run OK for
> >version out of SVN prior to packaging.
> Oh, so *that's* where you said we should disable the test. ;)
> I've disabled the publisher_cache test and the connection handler fix 
> has been checked in. We are good to go for 3.2.7.
> As Graham suggests perhaps we could get some people to confirm the 
> current version in SVN trunk prior to packaging. A couple of thumbs up 
> from some FreeBSD'ers would be especially nice since the connection 
> handler problem seemed to be most prevalent on that platform. If 
> everything looks ok I'll create the 3.2.7 tarball sometime Friday.

I've tested trunk (rev 374588):

 FreeBSD 4.9, Apache 2.0.55 (prefork), Python 2.4.2
 FreeBSD 4.9, Apache 2.0.50 (prefork), Python 2.3.4

All tests passed successfully.

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