Yes, I was thinking in fact to use the same xml structure/schema  :)

Let me mock up something tomorrow which might provide a better feel for
how an alternate approach might feel... I'll use the same xml files.

I'll report back  :)

John M.

Jim Gallacher wrote:
> John McFarlane wrote:
>> I don't at all mean to sound confrontational, but would simple xml + xsl
>> be a bit easier to implement?  If we're just going to have a few pages,
>> a simple shell script could loop thru them calling xsltproc.  Then
>> again, I'm a fan of using simple tools for simple needs?
> No, you don't sound confrontational. ;) I don't have any preference for
> the tools we use. For me it's all about making mod_python better. I
> think the idea is to piggy-back on the Apache infrastructure. This could
> be especially relevant if we end up merging our content into the Apache
> website tree. In that case maintaining a consistent look and feel would
> be easier using the pre-existing build environment.
> I really haven't done any xml/xsl stuff John. Could content source files
> used by the apache build system be used with xsl style sheets if we
> decide to not use the apache tools?
> Jim

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