I have had patches for adding server side include support into
mod_python ready for a while now. See:


In short, it would add the ability to add Python code into files
being served up through the INCLUDES output filter. More
commonly this is known as server side include (SSI). For example:

<!--#python exec=" 
from mod_python import apache 
import cgi 
import sys 
parts = apache.import_module('parts') 
def _escape(object): 
    return cgi.escape(str(object)) 
<!--#python eval="_escape(str(globals().keys()))"--> 
<!--#python eval="_escape(str(locals().keys()))"--> 
<!--#python exec=" 
print >> filter 
for key in filter.req.subprocess_env: 
    print >> filter, _escape((key, filter.req.subprocess_env[key])) 
<!--#python eval="parts.content()"--> 

One could say that there is an overlap between this and the
mod_python.psp handler, but the SSI feature is a builtin feature of
Apache and it make sense to support it. Using SSI, if one was mad
enough, you could even have Python and Perl code appearing in the one

Anyway, the point of this email is to get a decision on whether this
major new feature should or should not be added into mod_python.

Core developer votes obviously matter the most, but others are more
than welcome to voice an opinion.

So, is it a Yes or a No?


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