* Graham Dumpleton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > Do you have examples of SSI tag handlers that you might implement this
> > way if such a feature were available? I ask as it all good to speculate
> > on such a feature, but like this generic "#python" tag, would it in
> > itself be used either?

Actually, I'd hardly use the the #python tag by itself, but specific
functions, provided by my application as needed (like the SSI templates
are provided by my application but designed by someone else!).

> All you thus get by having an explicit registered tag is that that 
> Python
> is used can be hidden and a user would be none the wiser.

Exactly that's the point. Separation of concerns - I'm not a friend of a
raw programming language in a template.
Therefore - if you really want to pass httpd features to mod_python, it
would be nice to consider this one :)


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