Jim Gallacher wrote:
Mike Looijmans wrote:
And in addition to running the unit tests, try running your actual web site with this release. That usually manages to bring up things the developers never thought of - so that we can extend the unit tests with those cases as well. I can imagine that some code may depend on some specific behaviour of FieldStorage for example.

As nice as it would be to get some real-world feedback, let's not forget this is a *development* snapshot, and should not be considered stable for production use. Test your application on your website development machine if you can - the more testing the better. I'm sure that is what Mike meant, but I just want to make it clear that we are not suggesting this is a release candidate for production use.

From my post that intention wasn't clear, so thanks Jim for pointing that out. Want I wanted to write is to run your site's code on it, but not (necessarily) your production site. Most of us will have some development system where they check things out and/or do development and testing before putting them into the field.

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