Graham Dumpleton wrote:
Jim, I have updated LaTeX documentation for the apache.import_module()
function. Can you run it through LaTeX and fixup all my wrongly closed LaTeX
formatting. :-)

Can you and anyone else who is interested, read through the documentation
I have added and comment on whether it is adequate. Ie., is there anything
that you can think is missing based on your own knowledge of the new importer,
or anything that is particularly clear.

I realise that this documentation should perhaps have been in a whole section by itself, but just wanted to get something in there so we can get this thing out the door and released before I get too eager and start sneaking in even more
code changes. :-)

For those who don't check out code from subversion, the documentation can
be seen at:

Search down for 'import_module'.

I'll check it all again in a day or so when I have a clear head.


Quoting from import_module section of pyapi-apmeth.html#l2h-32:

With the reimplementation of the module importer in mod_python 3.3, the module_name argument may also now be an absolute path name of an actual Python module contained in a single file. On Windows, a drive letter can be supplied if necessary.

    from mod_python import apache
    name = apache.import_module('/some/path/')

The actual code tests for the presence for ["~/", "./", "../"] so maybe it needs to be explicitly stated that Unix style path separators are required on Windows? I don't do python on Windows, so maybe that is standard practice, but explicit is better than implicit.


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