Graham Dumpleton writes:
> Read:
> Especially the area which starts just before:
>   PythonOption mod_python.importer.path "['~']"
> Your particular issue is mentioned just after this example.

Doesn't work, either in .htaccess or in <Directory> directives.  This
is what I have in my apache config:

        <Directory "/home/dpopowich/public_html/py">
            SetHandler mod_python

            PythonHandler mod_python.servlet
            PythonOption mod_python.importer.path "['~']"
            PythonDebug on

When I go to http://localhost/~dpopowich/py/syspath, a simple
mpservlet that writes out the current value of sys.path, I do NOT see
/home/dpopowich/public_html/py in the path.  And when I try to import
a python module in that directory, I get import errors.

However, if I put this in my apache global context:

    PythonOption mod_python.legacy.importer *

this fixes my immediate problem.

Is this the way to completely turn this subsystem OFF?



As a side note: I've been away from mod_python for a while and now am
getting back into things and thought one project would be to update
mpservlets to use the new importer I've heard so much about instead of
the one I wrote for mpservlets.  I must confess I'm a bit taken aback
that it takes over six pages to document this one function and a quick
read has left me scratching my head and wondering if this is the way I
want to go.  I must confess I find it less than intuitive.

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