I worked it out. As my change didn't disable the mpservlets caching
system, it was never triggering the module importer again to perform
its own checks. Thus, if I add:

       klass, cached_mtime, servlets = self.class_cache.get(fname,
                                                            (None,None, []))

       # XXX Pretend we didn't find it so mod_python importer used
       klass, cached_mtime, servlets = (None,None, [])
       # XXX

       if not klass or mtime > cached_mtime:

In other words, a bit more work is required in mpservlets as with the
new module importer as it shouldn't really be supplying its own
caching system as that then defeats the mod_python importers own
caching and reloading system.

BTW, if you have program that can display DOT graphs, the graph data
was produced using:

 PythonLogHandler ./_loghandler.py

and the following as the log handler.

 from mod_python import apache

 def loghandler(req):
         output = file('/tmp/request.dot', 'w')
     return apache.OK

Seeing the relationships between your modules and the data presented
there can be helpful sometimes in seeing what is happening and working
out how the module importer works.


On 18/05/07, Graham Dumpleton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On 18/05/07, Graham Dumpleton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Just change this in your mpservlets package. The new importer can
> handle arbitrary extensions so can load .mps files no problem. With
> just this change your tutorial example works with no problems and it
> uses 'import' to get stuff from handler directory.
> kundalini:/usr/local/src/mpservlets-1.1.6 grahamd$ diff
> servlet.py.dist servlet.py
> 1269,1270c1269,1271
> <             code = {}
> <             execfile(fname, code)
> ---
> >             #code = {}
> >             #execfile(fname, code)
> >             module = apache.import_module(fname)
> 1276c1277,1278
> <                 klass = code[basename]
> ---
> >                 #klass = code[basename]
> >                 klass = getattr(module, basename)

Hmmm, although web pages are being displayed okay, there is something
strange about the scenario in which apache.import_module() is being
used which is meaning that depth searches for changes to child
resulting in reloading from root down isn't working. Thus, if changing
a module which isn't a root module, then I am still needing to restart
Apache which I shouldn't have to with the new module importer. :-(

For example, if I change _SitePage.py in attached graph, then the two
.mps files and _SitePage.py should be reloaded on next request to
either of the .mps files, but it isn't. Looks like I'll have to track
down why as must be missing something very subtle, or obvious, which
is causing the module importer not to behave as expected.


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