Graham Dumpleton writes:
> > When I go to http://localhost/~dpopowich/py/syspath, a simple
> > mpservlet that writes out the current value of sys.path, I do NOT see
> > /home/dpopowich/public_html/py in the path.
> You will not see the path listed in sys.path. The mod_python module
> importer path and the Python sys.path are deliberately kept separate
> because of all the problems caused by each looking in the same
> location.

But I did see the path in sys.path before 3.3.  Prior to 3.3, the
directory that contained the SetHandler directive would be in
sys.path.  I have no idea if this behaviour in versions <3.3 is
because of the old apache.import_module or some other "feature," but
it's not there in 3.3.

> > And when I try to import
> > a python module in that directory, I get import errors.
> If you are still using the old module importer in mpservlets to import
> your .mps file then that would probably still occur.

No.  I do NOT use apache.import_module() to load .mps files.  I rolled
my own, using execfile on the filename coming from req.filename.

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