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> I hope more of the regulars here jump on this bandwagon. It will be a
> great day when Paul posts one of his offensive posts and there is
> just deafening silence.

And I maintain my hopes where they always were - that there will be
discussions of the things Python misses and steps to address them.

> Paul was in my (very short) kill file for years 

I wear that badge proudly, thanks.

> but I decided to give him another chance. 

And I appreciate that.

> And he blew it.
> There is a reason why he was banned from micropython, and you all are
> seeing it here — he just can’t help himself.

For having a different opinion, and maintaining it.

> Probably he’s hoping to be banned for a COC violation. Let’s not give
> him that satisfaction.

I won't be the first, I won't be the last. Long time ago I thought:
what worst could happen? I will leave Python, like thousands before me?
And I decided to stay, and even make some noises sometimes. I definitely
can't reach levels of "Python3 is not Turing-complete" drama
(https://www.google.com/search?q=python+3+is+not+turing+complete), but
glad that my humble efforts are being noticed.

The more interesting question is what will you do on the actual
technical topics raised? Nothing? Something completely different? The
whole story of Python3 migration (the case above) showed that:

1. All the compatibility concerns were never addressed, to punish
abusive critics of Python3 (and anyone who was persistent in their
critics was abusive).

2. As a particular step, when "u" string prefix for unicode strings was
reintroduced, it was made as "z", again, to punish all the critics.
Sorry, abusive critics.

So, it's a real intrigue how future technical challenges will be
addressed, if at all.

> —Guido (speaking for myself only)

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