Martin v. Löwis wrote:

>> - How can I know if a patch is still open?
> Easy: if it's marked as Open.
>> - I found a problem, and know how to fix it, but what else need to do?
> Go to, then "CORE DEVELOPMENT", then "Patch submission".
>> - Found a problem in the docs, for this I must submit a patch or tell
>> something about it? How?
> Read CORE DEVELOPMENT, Intro to development.
>> - I found an error in the docs, and fixed it, but I'm spanish speaker
>> and my english sucks, can I submit a patch with bad wording or I must
>> ask somebody to write it ok?
> What would your intuition tell you to do?

Really didn't the answers to this, just were examples of questions that
people may need to do, and feel shy to do it in python-dev...

Ok, but I know now that python-dev *is* the place to ask. It's
important, to redirect new possible developers and people willing to

> patch, and perhaps the reviewer will catch the error. As a submitter,
> just submit the code, and George Yoshida will catch it. It's not
> strictly necessary that the documentation actually builds all
> the time. If you want to be sure it builds, run "make html" in
> Doc.

Didn't know about the "make html", :)


.   Facundo

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