> Buildbot has a "build this branch" feature which could be used to settle
> these discussions more rapidly, except for the fact that the community
> builders are currently in pretty sad shape:
>     http://www.python.org/dev/buildbot/community/all/
> By my count, currently only 9 out of 22 builders are passing.  The severity
> of these failures varies (many of the builders are simply offline, not
> failing) but they should all be passing.  If they were, rather than debating
> use-cases, we could at *least* have someone check this patch into a branch,
> and then build that branch across all these projects to see if any of them
> failed.

Titus and I are thinking about mentoring a Google Summer of Code
project that would use the 'buildbot try' feature: set up a bunch of
buildbot slaves and set them up so sending them a patch will trigger a
checkout of the latest Python svn, followed by the application of the
patch, followed by building and running unit tests for Python,
followed by running test suites for various projects (similar to how
it's being done in the community buildbot farm). This will hopefully
give us a better grasp about how good a patch is, and will make the
process of accepting patches more smooth.

What do people think?

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