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> Hi Collin,
> One more question: is it easy to support more opcodes, or a different opcode
> structure, in Unladen Swallow project?

I assume you're asking about integrating WPython. Yes, adding new
opcodes to Unladen Swallow is still pretty easy. The PEP includes a
section on this,
though it doesn't cover something more complex like converting from
bytecode to wordcode, as a purely hypothetical example ;) Let me know
if that section is unclear or needs more data.

Converting from bytecode to wordcode should be relatively
straightforward, assuming that the arrangement of opcode arguments is
the main change. I believe the only real place you would need to
update is the JIT compiler's bytecode iterator (see
Depending on the nature of the changes, the runtime feedback system
might need to be updated, too, but it wouldn't be too difficult, and
the changes should be localized.

Collin Winter
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