On Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 6:50 PM Brett Cannon <br...@python.org> wrote:

> It's been a year and 10 days since we moved to GitHub, so I figured now is
> as good a time as any to ask people if they are generally happy with the
> workflow and if there is a particular sticking point to please bring it up
> on the core-workflow mailing list so we can potentially address it.

+1 happy!  Especially with the amazing automation piled on top.

It makes it sooo much easier to deal with changes coming from people than
anything involving manual patch files and clients.  Even within github's
quite limited concept of a code review tool (from a Googler perspective).

I do feel like we need more CI resources during sprints.  But we always
need more everything resources during sprints so that is nothing new and
not related to github itself.

The move to our github workflow is a win for all Python users in the world.

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