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Barry Warsaw <ba...@python.org> wrote:
> On Feb 21, 2018, at 13:22, Guido van Rossum <gu...@python.org> wrote:
> > 
> > I'm willing to reconsider if there's a good enough tool. Ditto for C code 
> > (or do we already do it for C?).  
> For Python code, flake8 --possibly with our own custom plugins— is the way to 
> go.  It would probably take some kind of ratchet or transition period before 
> all of the stdlib were compliant.  We’d have to be careful of the inevitable 
> raft of PRs to fix things, which may distract from actual bug fixes and 
> improvements.  OTOH, that would be another external dependency pulled in for 
> core Python development.

Everytime I contribute to a project which has automatic style checks in
CI, I find myself having to push pointless "cleanup" commits because
the CI is barking at me for some ridiculous reason (such as putting two
linefeeds instead of one between two Python functions).  Then I have to
wait some more until CI finishes, especially if builds take long or
build queues are clogged.

Overall it makes contributing more of a PITA than it needs be.  Do
automatic style *fixes* if you want, but please don't annoy me with
automatic style checks that ask me to do tedious grunt work on my spare



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