On 12 October 2016 at 21:15, Charalampos Stratakis <cstra...@redhat.com> wrote:
> Hello Nick,
> Please feel free to edit the change proposal. I also fully agree to the 
> proposal you made at the link you provided. Currently I have in copr the 
> first beta, and also I can build the second beta as well if I exclude the 
> ensurepip test.
> I was actually thinking of adding python 3.6 in rawhide when rc1 was 
> released, but if that is too late, which pre-release would be ideal to be 
> built in rawhide?

The earliest one we can get FESCo to approve as a system-wide change
for Fedora 26 :)

That probably means beta 3 at this point - that's due out in two weeks
time (October 31), so we'd be seeking FESCo approval for the change
and pre-release Rawhide testing plan either this Friday or next

If we decide that timeline is too ambitious (accounting for the fact
I'm on vacation next week), then we'd target beta 4 on November 21st,

- COPR-based testing of b2 and b3 to minimise stability impact to F26 Rawhide
- incorporation of F26 Rawhide feedback into the upstream 3.6.0rc1

FESCo may come back and say "No, stick with the original rc1 plan", in
which case the approach would change to assume we'll carry a patch for
the os.urandom warning until at least 3.6.1, but hopefully we can make
the case that b4 will be stable *enough*, and that if there are
unexpectedly compatibility bugs, we're much better off finding them
while there's time to submit fixes for them back upstream.


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