Mikhail V wrote:
Did you see much code written with hex literals?

From /usr/include/sys/fcntl.h:

 * File status flags: these are used by open(2), fcntl(2).
 * They are also used (indirectly) in the kernel file structure f_flags,
 * which is a superset of the open/fcntl flags.  Open flags and f_flags
 * are inter-convertible using OFLAGS(fflags) and FFLAGS(oflags).
 * Open/fcntl flags begin with O_; kernel-internal flags begin with F.
/* open-only flags */
#define O_RDONLY        0x0000          /* open for reading only */
#define O_WRONLY        0x0001          /* open for writing only */
#define O_RDWR          0x0002          /* open for reading and writing */
#define O_ACCMODE       0x0003          /* mask for above modes */

 * Kernel encoding of open mode; separate read and write bits that are
 * independently testable: 1 greater than the above.
 * XXX
 * FREAD and FWRITE are excluded from the #ifdef KERNEL so that TIOCFLUSH,
 * which was documented to use FREAD/FWRITE, continues to work.
#if !defined(_POSIX_C_SOURCE) || defined(_DARWIN_C_SOURCE)
#define FREAD           0x0001
#define FWRITE          0x0002
#define O_NONBLOCK      0x0004          /* no delay */
#define O_APPEND        0x0008          /* set append mode */
#ifndef O_SYNC          /* allow simultaneous inclusion of <aio.h> */
#define O_SYNC          0x0080          /* synch I/O file integrity */
#if !defined(_POSIX_C_SOURCE) || defined(_DARWIN_C_SOURCE)
#define O_SHLOCK        0x0010          /* open with shared file lock */
#define O_EXLOCK        0x0020          /* open with exclusive file lock */
#define O_ASYNC         0x0040          /* signal pgrp when data ready */
#define O_FSYNC         O_SYNC          /* source compatibility: do not use */
#define O_NOFOLLOW  0x0100      /* don't follow symlinks */
#endif /* (_POSIX_C_SOURCE && !_DARWIN_C_SOURCE) */
#define O_CREAT         0x0200          /* create if nonexistant */
#define O_TRUNC         0x0400          /* truncate to zero length */
#define O_EXCL          0x0800          /* error if already exists */
#if !defined(_POSIX_C_SOURCE) || defined(_DARWIN_C_SOURCE)
#define O_EVTONLY       0x8000          /* descriptor requested for event 
notifications only */

#define O_NOCTTY        0x20000         /* don't assign controlling terminal */

#if !defined(_POSIX_C_SOURCE) || defined(_DARWIN_C_SOURCE)
#define O_DIRECTORY     0x100000
#define O_SYMLINK       0x200000        /* allow open of a symlink */

#ifndef O_DSYNC         /* allow simultaneous inclusion of <aio.h> */
#define         O_DSYNC 0x400000        /* synch I/O data integrity */


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