That doesn't work in 2.x, doesn't it?

On 05/17/2014 01:58 PM, Stefan Behnel wrote:
> Roland Plüss, 17.05.2014 02:27:
>> I'm using Python in an embedded situation. In particular I have to load
>> python scripts through a memory interface so regular python module
>> loading can not be used. I got working so far a module loader object
>> I've added using C++ to sys.meta_path . Now I'm totally stuck at the
>> finally loading step.
>> I've got this a C++ loader method "load_module(fullname)" which does
>> load the requested module script files into a null-terminated string. I
>> know that "load_module" has to return the module PyObject*. But I can't
>> get the python source in the c-string into a module PyObject*.
>> [...]
>> Can anybody help how in gods name one is supposed to create a module
>> from an in-memory c-string when called from within load_module (or
>> anywhere)?
> Looks like you want to implement a SourceLoader:
> I recommend implementing this in Python code instead of C code, though.
> Much easier. Cython can help with the integration between both.
> Stefan

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