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If I want to switch my work from one computer to a new one, and I have lots of 
various libraries installed on the original computer, what's the best way to 
switch that all to the new computer?  I'm hoping there is some simple way like 
just copying the Python/Lib/site-packages folder, but I'm also guessing this 
isn't sufficient. I was hoping I wouldn't have to just one-by-one install all 
of those libraries again on the newer computer.

I probably want to develop on BOTH these computers for the time being, too.  One is at 
home and one is at a "remote site"/secret lair.  And then I'll be doing it 
again when I buy a newer computer at some point.


Make a list of the packages you need. Put it in a file called requirements.txt. Then install them with:

    $ pip install -r requirements.txt

Keep that file up-to-date as you add new requirements.

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