Ned Batchelder <> writes:

> Make a list of the packages you need.  Put it in a file called
> requirements.txt.  Then install them with:
>     $ pip install -r requirements.txt
> Keep that file up-to-date as you add new requirements.

Since these requirements are specifically for Python, more specifically
for Pip, and even more specifically are supposed to be in a
machine-readable foramt and not just an arbitrary free-form text
document, can we recommend instead some more specific filename?

‘requirements.txt’ is already used in many projects to document *for a
human reader* the project-wide requirements, not jsut for Python, and we
should not arrogate a general name like that to a specific tool like

I'd recommend (and have already begun to use) the name
‘pip_requirements’ or the like. I know that there is heaps of
Pip-specific documentation out there already recommending the more
general name, but I'd like that to change.

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