On 5/17/2014 7:53 PM, CM wrote:
If I want to switch my work from one computer to a new one, and I
have lots of various libraries installed on the original computer,
what's the best way to switch that all to the new computer?  I'm
hoping there is some simple way like just copying the
Python/Lib/site-packages folder, but I'm also guessing this isn't

Have your tried it? Since Python only cares about the contents of site-packages, copying should be fine, at least as far as python is concerned. I have copied pythonx.y/Lib/site-packages to pythonx.(y+1)/Lib/site-packages more than once.

In each site-packages, I also have python.pth containing, in my case, "F:/Python". packages and modules in F:/Python are imported the same as if they were in each site-packages. This avoids copying and lets me try the same file on multiple versions.

Copying does not copy registry entries or anything outside of site-packages. I do not know whether pip, for instance, does either.

Terry Jan Reedy


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