On Monday, May 19, 2014 8:26:11 PM UTC+5:30, jmf wrote:

> Yesterday, I spent one hour attemepting to install IPython
> for Py3.3 (win 7), I failed. I do not even succeed to
> understand how. Pip, setuptools, whl or manualy with from the
> zip... completely lost. There is always something not working.

> This morning I installed Py 3.4.1. I do not even
> succeed to put it to work.

> I know Python since v 1.5.6 !

> I'm able to write "Numerical Recipes" in Python,
> (I did it in Py2 and Py3), I'm unable to install
> a piece of software (like Python) to work with.

So what're you waiting for?
Ask here and someone or other will help you get your system running.

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