On 19/05/2014 20:07, wxjmfa...@gmail.com wrote:
Yesterday, I spent one hour attemepting to install IPython

for Py3.3 (win 7), I failed. I do not even succeed to

understand how. Pip, setuptools, whl or manualy with from the

zip... completely lost. There is always something not working.

This morning I installed Py 3.4.1. I do not even

succeed to put it to work.

I realise that this probably isn't very helpful, but I've just successfully installed ipython on Python 3.3 and Python 3.4 (Win7 32-bit) by simply doing:

py -3.3 -mpip install ipython

py -3.4 -mpip install ipython

Since I don't have the various c:\pythonxx\scripts folders on my path, I did then have to launch it explictly:


but it was no harder than that.

What problems are you experiencing?



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