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Le lundi 19 mai 2014 18:09:24 UTC+2, Rustom Mody a écrit :
> Yesterday, I spent one hour attemepting to install IPython
> for Py3.3 (win 7), I failed. I do not even succeed to
> understand how. Pip, setuptools, whl or manualy with from the
> zip... completely lost. There is always something not working.

So what're you waiting for?
Ask here and someone or other will help you get your system running.

You know. You are right. I can only agree. Just ask.
The problem I see, is why I only "succeded" to just find
on Google, so many people who are just asking...

I have the same core skill: finding others with my question, not others with my needed answer. That the SO can usually find others with the answer when I cannot shows that there may be a mindset issue here.

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