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 Mark Lawrence <> wrote:

> An article by Brett Cannon that I thought might be of interest 

Thanks for the pointer.  I installed and ran caniusepython3.  It tells 

> Finding and checking dependencies ...
> [WARNING] rpclib not found
> You need 19 projects to transition to Python 3.
> Of those 19 projects, 17 have no direct dependencies blocking their 
> transition:
>   beanstalkc
>   dateglob
>   diamond
>   django-multi-sessions
>   django-timedeltafield
>   dnspython
>   ecks
>   fabric
>   gevent (which is blocking grequests)
>   hash_ring
>   httmock
>   jellyfish
>   boto (which is blocking mrjob)
>   paste
>   pyephem
>   python-cjson
>   suds

That's a big list.  A few of those we could probably work around or 
replace with a different module without too much pain.  But, between 
gevent, boto, fabric, and suds, any idea of migrating is a total 
non-starter for us.  I imagine they're all working on ports, but I'll 
check back in a year and see how things stand.

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