Roy Smith <> writes:

> Stefan Behnel <> wrote:
> > And I don't really see why you would consider fabric a dependency
> > that keeps you from switching to Py3. In many cases, you can just
> > keep running it in Py2 as you did before.
> In theory, that's possible. In practice, it would mean having to
> maintain two different versions of Python

Why would using Fabric – a build tool – require you to “maintain two
different versions of Python”? You only need to maintain the build
scripts, not Python itself.

> and test everything against both.

That makes even less sense. The build system runs under whatever version
of Python it needs, and your code runs under whatever version of Python
you like. The two don't affect each other at run time, and don't affect
each other's testing dependencies.

How would Fabric's dependency on Python 2 require you to “test
everything against both [Python 2 and Python 3]”? Fabric needs Python 2
(for now), but your code doesn't.

At least one of us seems to be misunderstanding what is required.

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