On Sun, May 25, 2014 at 5:51 AM, Deb Wyatt <codemon...@inbox.com> wrote:
> Hello.  I am a total python newbie and would like to ask questions but all my 
> questions seem so stinkin' elementary compared to the posts I've read so far. 
>  Is there a beginning python list anywhere?  I have searched and searched.  
> Meanwhile I will continue to read the messages here to cram as much info into 
> my brain as possible.

There does happen to be a python-tutor list (as Mark mentioned), but
as a general rule, it's not a problem to have a mixture of levels of
question on the same list. Don't be afraid to ask basic questions
while people are asking more complicated ones; this is one of the
beauties of mailing lists and newsgroups, the separation of threads.


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