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>> Hi, Deb.
>> Ten years ago (or eleven?), I was completely new to Python.  I could
>> not begin to understand over 90 percent of what I was reading here in
>> comp.lang.python.  Still, I asked my newbie questions here.  For the
>> most part, I got excellent responses.  I think you're in the right
>> place.
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>> https://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/python-list
> thanks,John. I guess I was/am afraid to embarrass myself on this list,
> but then I accidentally posted a question meant for the tutor list and
> ended up getting more for my money than I expected :).  I really
> appreciate that the people on this list are so friendly and willing to
> help.
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To Avoid the biggest risk of upsetting people here it would help you to 
understand the failings of google groups which makes your posts hard to 
read for people using the Newsgroup or mailing list


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