On Wed, May 28, 2014 at 7:38 AM, Deb Wyatt <codemon...@inbox.com> wrote:
> thanks,John. I guess I was/am afraid to embarrass myself on this list, but 
> then I accidentally posted a question meant for the tutor list and ended up 
> getting more for my money than I expected :).  I really appreciate that the 
> people on this list are so friendly and willing to help.

Asking "newbie questions" isn't going to get you flamed here, we're
pretty friendly :) Anyway, we're all newbies in whatever areas we
haven't actually dug into. (I denewbified myself in Flask just last
week, and there's plenty more of Python that I've never touched.) So
go for it, ask those questions! Reveal your ignorance. Let us reveal
ours, as we make errors in responses. And by the end of the thread,
all the errors will have been corrected and the ignorance cured... and
we'll all have learned. That, in my books, is a recipe for an awesome
thread. Bring it on!


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