On 28.05.2014 21:23, Larry Martell wrote:
> Somthing I came across in my travels through the ether:
> https://medium.com/@deliciousrobots/5d2ad703365d/

Sub-headline "The Python community should fork Python 2". Which could
also read "Someone else should REALLY fork Py2 because I'm mad about Py3
yet too lazy to fork Py2 myself".

I wish all these ridiculous dumb whiners would finally shut up and fork
Python away. That would be win-win: They could use their fork of 2.4
forever and ever, maybe fork 1.4 too while they're at it. Then maintain
it. Above all: They would complain to each other and stay away from the
mailing lists of people who actually *embrace* progress and who
appreciate the wonderful features Py3 has given us.

What a wonderful world it would be. So, I agree with the above blogpost.
Some lazy blogwriting bum should fork Py2!


>> Wo hattest Du das Beben nochmal GENAU vorhergesagt?
> Zumindest nicht öffentlich!
Ah, der neueste und bis heute genialste Streich unsere großen
Kosmologen: Die Geheim-Vorhersage.
 - Karl Kaos über Rüdiger Thomas in dsa <hidbv3$om2$1...@speranza.aioe.org>

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