Nicholas Cole <> wrote:

> Of course, I wish they had picked Python rather than inventing their
> own language.  But Apple put a huge stock in the ability of their
> libraries to make full use of multiple cores. 

The GIL is not relevant if they stick to the Objective-C runtime and LLVM. 

> The GIL is surely the
> sticking point here. It is also clear (reading the Swift
> documentation) that they wanted a script-like language but with strict
> typing.

A Python with static typing would have been far better, IMHO. It seems they
have created a Python-JavaScript bastard with random mix of features.
Unfortunately they retained the curly brackets from JS...

Are Python apps still banned from AppStore, even if we bundle an
interpreter? If not, I see no reason to use Swift instead of Python and
PyObjC – perhaps with some Cython if there is "need for speed".



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