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I have been engaged in a minor flame debate (locally) over block delimiters (or lack thereof) which I'm loosing. Locally, people hate python's indentation block delimiting, and wish python would adopt curly braces. I do not agree, of course; however, I am noticing when new languages come out they either use END (as in Julia) or they propagate the curly braces paradigm as in C. The issue locally is trying to pass code snippets around the net informally is a problem with indentation. My reply is, well, don't do that. For what I see as a freedom issue, folks want to format their white space (style) their way and don't want to be forced into an indentation paradigm that is rigid (or no so much!).

the only problem I have with indentation defining blocks is that it's hard to cut and paste code and make it fit the right block level automatically. Too many times of made the mistake of one or two lines off by one or two levels of indentation and somehow the code doesn't work as I thought it would :-) It's also making it difficult to generate code automatically.

On the other hand, curly braces are royal pain to dictate or navigate around when programming with speech recognition.

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