On 6/4/14 9:24 AM, Skip Montanaro wrote:
Surely your local colleagues realize that Python has been around for
20-odd years now, that indentation-based block structure has been
there since Day One, and that it's not going to change, right?

Yup. Its the primary argument on the side for indentation. "... and don't call me Surely" :-)


Why are you people even having this discussion?

The topic came up because the C/C++ coders were being encouraged to try Python3 as the language of choice for a new project, and someone said they would never consider Python for a project primary language because of indentation block delimiting. The whole debate, as in most flames, was stupid. The primary paradigm on this topic locally is that indents are bad because malformed or mangled code cannot be reformatted easily (if at all).

From my own perspective, if you tell me I need to use END, ok. If I need to use {} , well ok, and if the BDFL says we use indents here, well that's cool tool.

Getting back to Swift, did they choose {} braces because JS uses them, or did they choose {} braces because 'they' think most people will want that style?



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