On 6/4/14 5:18 PM, Terry Reedy wrote:
On 6/4/2014 10:53 AM, Mark H Harris wrote:
The primary paradigm on this topic locally is that
indents are bad because malformed or mangled code cannot be reformatted
easily (if at all).

Begin solution:':' as the end of a line means 'begin block; indent next
line'. If one is using tools that mangle, one can add end-of-block
comments: '# end, # end if, # if (end implied), or even just ##. In any
case, the stylized comment could mean 'dedent' and code could be
reconstituted with all indents stripped. There are probably programs on
PyPI to do that. End of excuse.

Yup. Well, I've only been doing python coding for ~9-10 years, but I've never had this formatting problem. I viewed the entire debate as 'an excuse'. I'm going to do some looking on PyPI-- it would be nice to point folks to something concrete. If its an excuse, then that puts an end to it.

As long as I'm addressing an IDLE guy, what would you think of a feature for IDLE that would format python code with block delimiters automatically and visa versa ?



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