On 06/10/2014 03:39 PM, Mark H Harris wrote:
On 6/9/14 3:54 PM, Carlos Anselmo Dias wrote:
Hi ...

I'm finishing my messages with this ...

The first time I looked into Python was +- 10 years ago ... and in the
last 10 years I did not spent more than 30 minutes looking at ... but I
like it ... it's easy to read ... even if I'm not familiar with the
syntax of ...

When you look at the script I provided you in my first post ... if
you're capable of thinking about it ... yoy can see countless
terabytes/petabytes of information indexed .. it doesn't matter what
you're daling with ...it might be millions of databases or billions of
files ...

I spent the last two days thinking about what I want to implement(...)
... looking at your posts ... thinking in the wideness and in the
particularity of the detail ...

I really consider that Python is one good option(probably the best) ...
the programmers need less lines of code to achieve what must be achieved
... and this is one great advantage ...

If you read what I wrote in my first post ->'Python team(...)' and if
somehow you're capable of visualize that integrated with logs ,etc ...
advertisement included, manipulation of the search string in the client
apis, etc ... you're very probably very capable of ...


Best regards,

This is the funniest troll I have see in a while... and a bot to boot!


Mark , I'd write that the answers to my topic were not the funniest troll I've seen and what a bot to boot!

Being Portuguese, I'm sharing with you Brazilian music!



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