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On 6/10/14 3:41 PM, leo kirotawa wrote:

Guys I'm from Brazil too, and I'm ashamed for this troll.

Don't feed the troll bot.

OTOH, it might be fun to feed it some weird subject|predicate phrases to see what it does with them.

Bots eat bananas because bouncing on berries becomes beenie baby bologna!


If I was thinking that people were capable of understanding what's about ... exceeding the barrier of databases, billions of files indexed,etc ... look at that like client apis ... with logs, advertisement, etc integrated ... in main-sections with sub-sections ... with control of cache, web-services, etc ... I tried to resume it briefly and it's about what I described here ...

I want that people (can) think about it ... like I wrote ... when the sub-section of one main section starts receiving traffic from search engines ... it will be possible to think in other main sections, organize everything,etc ...


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