On Tue, 10 Jun 2014 22:15:29 +0100, Carlos Anselmo Dias wrote:

> Hi...
> I don't understand the 'problem' of several people ...
> I created one post because I've several projects, I'm looking for one
> team of experienced experts in Python to work in my projects ... asap
> ... I provided one script(I'm not one expert in Python) to help people
> think and described the projects(briefly) ...

This is the first time in this whole thread that you have stated you are 
asking for programmers to assist with a project.

Thank you  this is the missing piece of information that we have become 
fed-up been asking for.

This is not a recruiting forum so you would be better of asking elsewhere.
when you do please help yourself by not only stating that you are trying 
to recruit programmer but also give some indication on the scope of the 

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