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Hi ...

That's great and you're one person with enough /Intelligence/ to participate in the projects I described you. You can think about the solution, logs , how the information is organized,etc.
"You're certainly one of the persons!"

I'm not writing more ...

I have been on this mail group for a relatively short time and I'm chocked to see the amount of needless posts in general. Is it too much to ask for some mail-group discipline?

Carlos and some others, please phrase your questions or requests concisely and clearly. Making a post that initiates a flood of questions and discussions is clearly inefficient, specially if it is beside the core essence of a Python language group and probably besides the poster's own goal too. It wastes a lot peoples time and it devalues the usefulness of the mail group.

There was some entertainment in it though, but for that purpose I seek other sources.

Hi Soren ...

I'm looking for people very experienced in the Python Programming Language to develop/implement the projects I described briefly and not knowing Python, I followed my own logic and even providing one script to help people understand and somehow think about it (...)

I don't have the intention to disturb ...

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