I don't understand the 'problem' of several people ...

I created one post because I've several projects, I'm looking for one team of experienced experts in Python to work in my projects ... asap ... I provided one script(I'm not one expert in Python) to help people think and described the projects(briefly) ...

People start calling me troll,etc-> Are this people not insane? And I don't understand their paranoia ...

Those who call me troll ... look at the mirror and criticize what I wrote if you're capable of ... with sense and reasoning ... not like someone absurd who is not capable of and tries to demonstrate that is the greatest ... these people should get real ...


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Guys I'm from Brazil too, and I'm ashamed for this troll. And sorry by
his terrible taste in music.
Wondering now about moderation , have we one?

No, otherwise the resident unicode expert would have been booted long ago.
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