On 06/11/2014 05:42 AM, Michael Torrie wrote:
On 06/10/2014 03:15 PM, Carlos Anselmo Dias wrote:

I don't understand the 'problem' of several people ...

I created one post because I've several projects, I'm looking for one
team of experienced experts in Python to work in my projects ... asap
... I provided one script(I'm not one expert in Python) to help people
think and described the projects(briefly) ...
Your e-mails are so difficult to parse and understand that your message
was lost in the noise.  In fact this is the first post of yours that I
can even partly understand.  Your unconventional and incorrect sentence
structure makes it very hard to understand you.  I doubt most people
reading your e-mails can even tell what you want and why you are writing.

People start calling me troll,etc-> Are this people not insane? And I
don't understand their paranoia ...
After you post a dozen undecipherable posts (literally I cannot
understand them), and keep posting undecipherable, strange sentence
fragments, surely it's understandable why people are frustrated and
annoyed.  You excuse yourself by saying English isn't your first
language.  Well, we say, please correct your sentence structure, speak
simply and clearly, don't get upset, and you'll get people responding to
you positively.

Those who call me troll ... look at the mirror and criticize what I
wrote if you're capable of ... with sense and reasoning ... not like
someone absurd who is not capable of and tries to demonstrate that is
the greatest ... these people should get real ...
I'd criticize what you wrote if I could understand it.  I for one still
do not know what these "projects" of yours are, or what kind of help you
desire.  If you need to hire programming assistance, just say so.  State
your terms of hire.  There are freelancers on this list.  If you're
looking for free help, you might get some of that, especially if the
projects themselves will be open source.

The www,etc is full of ridiculous people with ridiculous ideas/projects ...considering themselves the greatest,etc and are nothing but a bunch of absurd ... ones worst than the others ... "SHIT to be more precise!"

Copy/paste of 2 emails I sent (...)


Hi ...

Good morning ...

What a confusion/headache(...)

I'm waiting for traffic of search engines in one subsection of one main section to step forward with the organization of what I described briefly I'd write ...

Like I explained there are 500 millions of thumbs to import and 20 million of thumbs every month in that sub-section ...

I don't need assistance, I'll need one team of programmers to work ...

I'm not writing more posts/emails.


Best regards,

---2nd ----

If I was thinking that people were capable of understanding what's about ... exceeding the barrier of databases, billions of files indexed,etc ... look at that like client apis ... with logs, advertisement, etc integrated ... in main-sections with sub-sections ... with control of cache, web-services, etc ... I tried to resume it briefly and it's about what I described here ...

I want that people (can) think about it ... like I wrote ... when the sub-section of one main section starts receiving traffic from search engines ... it will be possible to think in other main sections, organize everything,etc ...


Best regards,

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