On 12 June 2014 03:08, Steven D'Aprano
<steve+comp.lang.pyt...@pearwood.info> wrote:
> We know *much more* about generating energy from E = mc^2 than we know
> about optimally flipping bits: our nuclear reactions convert something of
> the order of 0.1% of their fuel to energy, that is, to get a certain
> yield, we "merely" have to supply about a thousand times more fuel than
> we theoretically needed. That's about a thousand times better than the
> efficiency of current bit-flipping technology.

You're comparing a one-use device to a trillion-use device. I think
that's unfair.

Tell me when you find an atom splitter that works a trillion times.
Then tell me what it's efficiency is, because it's not nearly 0.1%.

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