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> Partly that. But also, people want to know how long that will *really*
> last. For instance, 10 hours of battery life... doing what? Can I really
> hop on a plane for ten hours and write code the whole way without
> external power? Or will each minute spent recompiling Python (with the
> CPU pegged) cost 2-3 minutes out of those ten hours? What if I watch
> videos (on headphones, probably, given how noisy airliners are!)?
> That'll surely take more power than the manufacturers estimate.
> And what happens six months from now? Will battery life decay to the
> point where it's no longer interesting? (Obviously it'll decay some. But
> how much?)

I bought a 12 cell battery for my Acer Once netbook & did exactly that 
(LHR to LAX), listening to music playing supertuxcart & reading ebooks 
for most of the flight.

It was a life saver as the on-board entertainment from American Airlines 
was terrible, next time i will happily pay the extra 100 for a Virgin 
flight LWG to LAS instead.

Distance doesn't make you any smaller, but it does make you part of a
larger picture.

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