Gregory Ewing <> writes:

> Current draw of CMOS circuitry is pretty much zero when
> nothing is changing, so if you didn't care how slow it ran,
> you probably could run a server off a watch battery today.

That was before 90 nm when leakage current started dominating over
switching current. But has low power or battery life been in anyone's
interest ever?  Or rather, is battery life interesting enough that
marketing would notice? Or maybe it's so that what a marketing guy or a
manager needs is maybe one hour for his presentation so anything over
that is extra?

A few years ago jumbo sized but cheapish CULV laptops suddenly had 10
hours plus battery but did anyone notice or care? Today expensive
Haswell ULT laptops get the same while being relatively thin and light
but again, where's the interest? Apple didn't even bother trying to make
improved battery life a selling point for the 2013 Macbook Air. I was
seriously considering one but I prefer matte displays and cellular
connectivity built in.


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