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> Bye Bye Billy Bob...
> I'm back with one more question, then I'll chill.  I have scoured the news
> and net for info about Borlands KYLIX 3 and have found little technical
> info about it.  Their screen shots are very impressive, similar to Visual
> Basic.  I have sent several emails to Borlands Sales and Pre-Sales
> departments.  Pre-Sales bounces and Sales won't answer.  I'm sitting here
> with money in hand ready to buy but not from a company that won't give me
> the time of day.
> Does anyone of you have experiance with KYLIX 3 and do you think I should
> consider buying it?  Thank You, I'll go oil my keyboard now.

Good question!  Wither Borland?

My impression (second hand - based on no direct experience with Kylix!) is
that Borlands wonderful Delphi product ported to Linux has been a

  * * * Someone with real experience on Kylix - please jump in here!

Calling Delphi "similar to Visual Basic" is hurtful because I believe that
VB is the product of looting and pillaging the talent that came out of
Borland.  I'm guessing that Microsoft has successfully targeted this
perceived competitor with destruction.

If Kylix were of the quality of Delphi, it would be a killer Linux app.
Thomas Bartkus


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