I'd suggest you take another path:
Since we're in a python mailing list, I assume you like python, so
instead of Kylix (or Object Pascal), you could try Boo
(boo.codehaus.org) .
Boo is not python, but it is very similar.
It could be described as a statically typed version of python for the
.NET framework (it also works in Linux with Mono and in Mac Osx).
It has borrowed from python as much syntax as possible and uses a handy
type inference system, which allows you to code without having to
declare types everywhere, making it very similar to a dynamic language
while being static.
As I said, "it is not python" (Peter Hansen, please don't jump to my
jugular...), but it's been inspired and takes a lot from it. In words
of Guido Van Rossum, it is 95% python.
You get all the niceties you got used to enjoy in python, such as list
comprehensions, generator expressions, slicing, dictionaries, lists,
etc, etc.. and you get all the speed and performance of a static
language for free.
As for IDEs, you can use SharpDevelop in Windows (free) or MonoDevelop
in Linux (free).

And if you are patient, soon you'll be able o use regular python in
.NET and Mono, and I'm sure that there will be support for SharpDevelop
and MonoDevelop for it as well.
At the present time, python for .NET (code named Ironpython) is still
at pre-alpha state (version 0.7.6).


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