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Hello I finished the codeacademy python course a week ago and my goal is to 
start developing websites (both back and front end) ,my question is do i start 
the web dev tuts and learn the holes of knoledge on the go or continue to learn 

In my opinion if you want to start developing both front and backend of websites, then you should start developing a "full-stack" web application. You'll stumble and have to redo things along the way, but there's no better way to learn.

1) Get a Linux host with root access, like from Rackspace cloud. You are only charged while it is switched on. If you leave it on for a month you'll owe maybe $16.

2) Install python, virtualenv, pip, and a web framework. Starting with flask would be an excellent choice.

3) Install a database backend. Starting with PostgreSQL would be an excellent choice.

4) Implement the polling app from the Django tutorial, or maybe you have your own idea of a simple app to make.

5) Learn CSS and throw in some javascript to make it pretty.

6) Push your commits to GitHub along the way.

Do all of this and I can't promise how long it will take, but I can promise you'll be well on your way to becoming a strong web developer.


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