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Hello I finished the codeacademy python course a week ago and my goal
is to start developing websites (both back and front end) ,my question
is do i start the web dev tuts and learn the holes of knoledge on the
go or continue to learn python?

In my opinion if you want to start developing both front and backend of
websites, then you should start developing a "full-stack" web
application. You'll stumble and have to redo things along the way, but
there's no better way to learn.

1) Get a Linux host with root access, like from Rackspace cloud. You are
only charged while it is switched on. If you leave it on for a month
you'll owe maybe $16.
Better yet host internally on your own Linux box
Even a Raspberry pi for <£45 (inc case PSU & sd card) could do this if
you don't have a spare PC to use.

you don't want a development system exposed to the public internet anyway
(unless you want to become Nicos Mk 2)

Well, that's part of the experience too. :) Seriously, set up the firewall to only allow port 80 from your address, etc.

Installing VirtualBox and Ubuntu on your local system is probably the better way to go at first, agreed.



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