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> On 6/27/14, 2:19 AM, suburb4nfi...@gmail.com wrote:
>> Hello I finished the codeacademy python course a week ago and my goal
>> is to start developing websites (both back and front end) ,my question
>> is do i start the web dev tuts and learn the holes of knoledge on the
>> go or continue to learn python?
> In my opinion if you want to start developing both front and backend of
> websites, then you should start developing a "full-stack" web
> application. You'll stumble and have to redo things along the way, but
> there's no better way to learn.
> 1) Get a Linux host with root access, like from Rackspace cloud. You are
> only charged while it is switched on. If you leave it on for a month
> you'll owe maybe $16.
Better yet host internally on your own Linux box
Even a Raspberry pi for <£45 (inc case PSU & sd card) could do this if 
you don't have a spare PC to use.

you don't want a development system exposed to the public internet anyway 
(unless you want to become Nicos Mk 2)
> 2) Install python, virtualenv, pip, and a web framework. Starting with
> flask would be an excellent choice.
> 3) Install a database backend. Starting with PostgreSQL would be an
> excellent choice.
> 4) Implement the polling app from the Django tutorial, or maybe you have
> your own idea of a simple app to make.
> 5) Learn CSS and throw in some javascript to make it pretty.
> 6) Push your commits to GitHub along the way.
> Do all of this and I can't promise how long it will take, but I can
> promise you'll be well on your way to becoming a strong web developer.
> Paul

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