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Peng Yu wrote:

Hi, I want to convert strings in which the characters with accents
should be converted to the ones without accents.


./ Förstemann

AFAIK, “ä”, “ö”, and “ü” are not accented characters in any natural
language, but characters of their own (umlauts).

In particular, I know for certain that they are not accented in Germanic
languages.  Swedish has been mentioned; I can add my native language,
German, to that list.

In German, they are letters, but they collate as either ae, oe, ue (rarely) or a, o, u (modern style). Ad dictionary or phone book does not have an "ö" section in Germany. Example from a German-Latin dictionary, printed in 1958

Laster -> vitium
Lästerer -> homo maledicus
lasterhaft -> vitiosus

If "ä" would sort as a single letter, "Lästerer" would be the last entry. If it would sort as "ae", it would be the first entry. Therfore, in this example it sorts as "a", with "ä" > "a" to resolve a tie only.


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