Am 18.09.16 um 12:03 schrieb Lawrence D’Oliveiro:
Like I said, trying to automate a GUI is a waste of time. GUIs are
designed for humans, not computers, to use.

You don't always have a choice. Consider batch-processing a number of images (say, 30,000 movie frames) using a proprietary effect filter which works on single images only. It might be easier to drive the GUI than to recreate the commercial algorithm.

That’s why we have command lines and scripting (which are all just
programming at different layers, of course). That’s how you automate
things, building higher-level abstract machines on top of lower-level
ones. GUIs are the end of the abstraction chain: you cannot build
anything more on top of them.

Yes, you can. I agree with you that it is a shaky solution, but that doesn't make it impossible.


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